Curtains in New Zealand

I was shopping the other day because I want to improve the layout of my messy office and I was searching for shelving. What a tragic offering out there. Nothing I want, over priced, and not well made. Then I remembered my blog!! The people I suggested make great shelving duh, I’ll use them lol…..which then had me thinking about curtains. Now if you want great curtains at a cheap cheap price, get your fabric, measure your window and the length from about a foot above your window to the floor, if you can, because this is how you should hang curtains to make your room look larger and grander, and then take this information into:

Sharma De Silva, 276a Kohimarama Road in Kohi……..she is so lovely and an amazing seamstress for dresses, duvets, anything you need sewn this is the lady to see. you can call her to arrange an appointment on: 521 5785

If you want fabric, go into Jenny at Warwick in Parnell and have her show you great quality fabrics at decent prices and email me from the REM Design website to arrange getting it for you.

Cheers everyone, hope this is useful to some of you.


Check out this cool as website I just found!!! By the way, as far as the wall decor goes, Jo at Homage does something similar which is pretty cool.

Wall art display

wall decor from

Hanger Rack

Star Wall Decor - Paintable cool

Mobile, available in different colours.

Inspirational Undergrade Blog

Wow a cool new discovery blog, check this out!!! Here are some examples of the cool things in this blog:

If you’re stumped on what to do with your boring white walls, take some cues from this room! (above) The furniture and decor is left to the bare minimum. And one wall is filled with everything from posters, photographs, and artwork to records, album sleeves, and magazine pages. I love the big statement piece that reads “All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost.” Gorgeous. And I love the quilt on the bed, too.

How to make Desk Cords go Invisible

A great example of this done properly is one of our favorite running examples; the “under-the-table” wiring management system. Above, Blupics demonstrates how it’s done by incorporating grommets, screws, zip-ties, and cable management systems.

Have you heard of Woofy?? We sell him on our REM Design site…..he even has his own my space page:

There are many options for hiding cords, many containers that can be added under the desk. There are also options to go wireless now with bluetooth.

Photography of your Children

Beautiful photography when you have children is pretty fabulous to look back over. I have found some neat sites for this, and will post some more as i find them for you…..

Beyond Snapshots Blog

Angela Scott

Tea and Jam

I have to say I have taken some myself of my son over the years and some of these are gorgeous, it can be just how they are framed that can make a photo really cool. But the professionals are amazing and our own Angela Scott is one of the best!!

Decorative Ideas