About Stacey and REM Design

When I returned to New Zealand from New York after working on major projects in the city, including the cult bar Naked Lunch – still noted for its ongoing hip interior – I wanted something cool for my son.  I began REM Design as a retail store on K road, right near the design mecca of Ponsonby, with a very large, very visual front window.

After starting my website, I began to notice a shift from people coming into my shop, to people visiting my website, and so I began the hard work of a fully web based design store.  Every year or so my team and I renew our whole site.  I work with other suppliers to bring you new and diverse options for your bedrooms, and I utilise this blog space to find neat things all over the web for inspiration to design really great bedrooms.

I’ve found I am limited sometimes, in what I can source in New Zealand, but finding a nifty way to group your pictures, or an amazing colour for the bedroom….or even something quite mature, can bring some quirky, interesting element to a kids room.  Being as you would want to evolve a kids room into something they can grow in, adding certain adult elements is sometimes refreshing.

Some of these designs I find are quite expensive, but, with a little imagination, you can apply the concepts even on a budget.  Where ever possible, I will try to source something similar, or even the particular design element in a store near you, or better yet, I will get it into my store.

I particularly love wall images to metamorphosize a space.  The cheapest and most effective way to make the biggest change.  Furniture that can change with your child, and ways to keep your expensive pieces from year to year, but finding ways to change, maybe a cushion, to make it look new…..effective design in a cost effective manner, that is my goal for you.  I hope you find inspiration in these pages as I love to searching for delicious images for you.

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