The Top Distractions causing your child to severely decrease their learning skills

Number one is not hard. TV or computer games!! Make time during the day to keep these turned off and see how much your child’s reading/study comes along. I witnessed this at my friend Katrina’s yesterday, she had a new rule about TV, not allowing it during the weekdays, and her children’s reading grades were suddenly climbing high!!

Number Two: We all know how clutter makes us feel, mess and disorganisation, it clutters our minds and distracts us from what we really want to achieve in our day. My son came yelling out of his room last night asking Mom when is the tiler going to be finished, I cant study with all this chaos around me!! I just need it all clean so I can focus on my study!!!

It doesn’t matter how old your child, or you are, you need a clean lined, organised SPACE to work in to really be effective in your working/studying day.

Children as young as babies are learning all the time, as soon as they can sit up and see their surroundings they have all that input coming at them. Teenagers who must sit exams, will use anything to distract them before they settle to study. Anyone who has had to take an exam will know this feeling.

So firstly you must de clutter your space. Look around your room and work out what you NEED to file away, your piles of papers or toys. Do you need shelving? Do you need folders? Take the time to clean up your area and make some empty space. You will work vastly more effectively. STOP and take the time to LOOK at what is cluttering your desk and how you can put it away somewhere. Look for clean lined simple furniture, that is not cluttered either. Look for shelving with doors so you cant see your mountains of mess. Organise it. It will be easier to find, and children will play better, learning more from organised toys. TEACH your children to do this too… will become a habit.

I am the WORST person for this so I know you have to STOP and really look at your space and figure out what you need to make a change. When my son was young I took away half of his toys and put them in a box up high. I would change out the toys sometimes but he didnt need them all at once, and as soon as I removed half of them clean up was so much easier and he could find and organise his toys with ease. This habit has now followed him into teen life and he is a very uncluttered child.

Look at how you can utilise your space. Can you have underbed drawers? Can you put shelving up against the end of the bed so it’s not right in your view? Are there attractive ways to house all your papers? Can you put all the lego in wheel out boxes and store them under the bed? Train sets? matchbox cars? barbie dolls?

Can you mount things on the wall, like the TV to take up less space. Are your shelves easy to dust? if not can you have perspex or glass doors put on the front so that you can still see your ornaments but they are less dusty?

Check out how REM Design takes care of space with their streamlined bunks with built in shelves and underbed drawers:

So SORT out how you can make your space better, FIND what you need to make it work, and go do it NOW!!! you will feel so refreshed and focussed and you and your child will work more effectively, and efficiently, and LEARN to the best of their capacity!!!!

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