How to make Desk Cords go Invisible

A great example of this done properly is one of our favorite running examples; the “under-the-table” wiring management system. Above, Blupics demonstrates how it’s done by incorporating grommets, screws, zip-ties, and cable management systems.

Have you heard of Woofy?? We sell him on our REM Design site…..he even has his own my space page:

There are many options for hiding cords, many containers that can be added under the desk. There are also options to go wireless now with bluetooth.

The Offices of Gawker and Google Zurich

Here’s something i find really interesting…..


We were fairly impressed with the tasteful, if not a little sedate, new digs of the Gawker team shown above. All that leather and metal says “we’re serious, seriously!” But to be honest, I’d much rather work at the offices of Google Zurich, where “serious” seems to be subjective:


From a creative environment comes creative ideas (well, also starting off with a world class talented team). And I say this coming from the most uninspiring offices of a toy company prior to joining AT, where each day surrounded by the drab surroundings of Office Space appointments almost guaranteed creative lethargy. There’s nothing worse than offices designed by the pages of office catalogs, especially for those who depend upon creativity. Kudos to Google for recognizing this.

042908googlezurich02and also

042908googlezurich03from apartment therapy site.

Lap Top Desks

Gorocool: The Cooled Articulated Laptop Desk

It’s becoming more and more true that most people work exclusively on laptops. Desktops are becoming rarer sine they lack the portability of laptops. Look around and you’ll see that this is true. The one thing that you’ll quickly realize while working on laptops is that they can get quite hot. This can make working on them for extended hours an issue, unless you got a cooling, articulated desk, like the Gorocool.


The Gorocool desk is quite useful in the fact that it has articulated hinges and can transform any seating surface into a workstation. This can include sofas, lounge chairs as well as beds. The great thing is that the hinges can incline your laptop into that perfect position. Also, you’ll be able to work comfortably without heating up your lap by the powerful fan and machines located in your laptop.


The Gorocool also features a fan, which can be either on or off, to cool down things even more. Before you start worrying about having to plug it in, let us tell you that the fan works with a USB cable, so you can still be mobile while working on this desk. We think that it’s an interesting idea to have such a hinged and compact desk. It costs $90 and is currently available from Thanko in Japan.

082409_rg_gorocool_03 1


Thinking of purchasing a desk for your child, make sure you think about the depth. When you study you really need to have space for your text book and your exercise book, and if possible enough width to fit some paperwork ready to look at. Children grow up very very fast so once you seriously start looking at adesk keep these things in mind as whatever desk you first buy may well end up being the desk your child uses right through all their schooling life. Also having a pinboard or magnetic board in the area is useful to keep track of homework and study schedules. Its important for your eyes, my opthalmologist tells me, that if you are looking at a computer screen it is good to rest your eyes and look to the distance often, so setting your desk in front of window can be good for your eyes so that when you look up you look out to the distance.