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Europe, always a fabulous source of design inspiration.  As I am cruising the web, I found these fantastic photos of great kids rooms.   Loving the pink colour of the bedroom.  Loving the horse.  Goes without saying what an awesome crib!  Look at the lights….perfect in a baby room….

Fabian , co-founder of the production company commercials Erste Liebe Film , and founder of the gallery bar Italian Erste Liebe Bar , plans its activities as a means of telling stories to people he meets, of the to travel . Dorothee , former TV journalist now converted, is the proud owner of bike shops Two Wheels Good , passion she returned to her studies in the Netherlands and who has never left.
They live in Hamburg , with their son Morten . milkdecoration.com

These gorgeous little creatures on Morten’s side table can be found from Design 55 in Auckland.  Vicky is amazing and very happy to help.  They are not cheap however but really can make your design punch.


Amazing photography!!  Brian Park…check out his website, link shown above.

from the portfolio of interior decorator Richard Goullet















from the portfolio of interior decorator Richard Goullet















Divine pink colour don’t you think….not to mention the decor!



Mixed Pickles

I’m about to go to San Francisco, CANT WAIT!! and have been looking around for some neat places to visit while I’m there….check out this cool antiques shop called Mixed Pickles:

Mixed Pickles is Sharon Hoyle, Roger Williams and a big pile of really great vintage stuff. Sharon opened the first location in North Berkeley in 1998. Roger wandered into the shop in 2002. They struck up a conversation about 1920′s Jazz musicians, and have been talking ever since. The opportunity for a great new location in their hometown of Oakland presented itself. The new bigger & brighter shop opened as a partnership in December 2010 when the contents of their two homes reached maximum capacity. Favorite things: Salvaged and architectural antiques, advertising signs, furniture with clean lines, and finding new uses for vintage items. We dislike things made of brass, and the color lavender.
(Check out their blog and website for info, particularly their latest finds)


Check out this cool as website I just found!!! By the way, as far as the wall decor goes, Jo at Homage does something similar which is pretty cool.

Wall art display

wall decor from wallter.com

Hanger Rack

Star Wall Decor - Paintable

BedSpread..so cool

Mobile, available in different colours.

How to make Desk Cords go Invisible

A great example of this done properly is one of our favorite running examples; the “under-the-table” wiring management system. Above, Blupics demonstrates how it’s done by incorporating grommets, screws, zip-ties, and cable management systems.

Have you heard of Woofy?? We sell him on our REM Design site…..he even has his own my space page:

There are many options for hiding cords, many containers that can be added under the desk. There are also options to go wireless now with bluetooth.

Fairy Pictures

Fairies are always a must in little girls rooms, here are some awesome ones I have found on the web. You could do a collage down a wall of lots of different faries, or even all the same colours, maybe sprinkle some from Words As Art, found in remdesign.co.nz, amongst them. Another wicked idea, i think, is to get a tree branch, paint it white then glitter it, then using fishing wire print out the fairies from the net, double sided and hang them on the tree…plant the tree in the corner or the room and you have a little fairy glen.

Pink Walls


Hallie Burton Photography

Hallie Burton Photography

I’ve never been good at this and designers that can do it just amaze me. I have to say i have never seen it done quickly, it takes a lot of fiddling to get it just right.

Living Etc

Living Etc

hallie-burton-2 4

New Pictures….

Gorgeous Bedrooms for Ideas