Arranging Shelving

Arrange your trinkets in an interesting manner on your shelves. The look of your room is hugely influenced by how you display what’s on your shelving .


Shelving-Buckets-for-webShelving can be a lot of fun. You can make it interesting by mixing it up, disperse some of your toys amongst your books, maybe display some of those amazing lego creations, a favourite toy, a barbie doll sitting on the shelf always looks cool.

You can also make cheap shelving look effective, build a shelving unit out of plastic boxes. Buy cheap shelving and get cardboard boxes, cover them in wallpaper cutoffs or paint them up and put them on the shelf, this can look very effective. Dont forget to have the children help you with the decorating, maybe even add some photos of whats inside the box to add the decoration and order.

I have a great contact for cheaply but well made shelving :

6a Shetland Street
Glen Eden
Phone: 09 8132308
Fax: 09 8132309

Lundia also do great shelving at an reasonable rate:

Buckets on shelving also make for an interesting look in a room and effective for storage.