Curtains in New Zealand

I was shopping the other day because I want to improve the layout of my messy office and I was searching for shelving. What a tragic offering out there. Nothing I want, over priced, and not well made. Then I remembered my blog!! The people I suggested make great shelving duh, I’ll use them lol…..which then had me thinking about curtains. Now if you want great curtains at a cheap cheap price, get your fabric, measure your window and the length from about a foot above your window to the floor, if you can, because this is how you should hang curtains to make your room look larger and grander, and then take this information into:

Sharma De Silva, 276a Kohimarama Road in Kohi……..she is so lovely and an amazing seamstress for dresses, duvets, anything you need sewn this is the lady to see. you can call her to arrange an appointment on: 521 5785

If you want fabric, go into Jenny at Warwick in Parnell and have her show you great quality fabrics at decent prices and email me from the REM Design website to arrange getting it for you.

Cheers everyone, hope this is useful to some of you.



When choosing curtains for your child’s room it is a good idea to use a plain colour rather than a theme that your child might be into right now, curtains are expensive and if you choose a theme for curtains this will limit how long they will suit your child. A child of 13 doesnt want pooh bear on his curtains, whereas if you choose an interesting blue colour this can merge in with any theme. Bring your themes into parts of your room that are easy and inexpensive to change such as the duvet cover, cushions or wall decals.